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Nick Breeze interviews Adrian Tait, Co-founder of Climate Psychology Alliance

adrian tait nick breeze 2Here is an accessible serialiased interview by Nick Breeze with Adrian Tait

It is  already drawing interest from round the world. Please contact Nick Breeze or us if you would like to use them

There are 9 themes covered:

01 - Introduction - Adrian Tait provides some background to the CPA, structure and raison d’être

02 - The “oh shit!” moment; coping with despair, cognitive dissonance and “disavowal”

03 - “The information deficit fallacy”; how more scientific facts do not always create desired change, entering “the maze of complex human & cultural reactions” to the climate problem; the importance of language and listening

04 - Gender in climate change; communication and can women teach men about connectedness to nature? Living in an illusion that the human economy (as opposed to natural ecology) is the ultimate reality

05 - Categopries of responses to climate change: seeking pathways to "Radical Hope"

06 - Hope and Hopelessness: locating a pathway between paralysing despair and delusional hope

07 - Psychology of the Anthropocene: Preparing humanity for widespread devastation Is humanity hostage to unproven technology? Scientific reticence leads to symbolic rather than real action

08 - Personal responsibility: Conflicts around our choices, Questionning our own consumption, Policy and Paradoxes

09 - Geoengineering - emotive and controversial. Fossil fuel industry - blame and anger

Nick Breeze and Bru Pearce set up the Envisionation blog as a place to present thoughts, ideas, interviews and responses to what is going on in the human world. The context for much of the content is on the developing crisis of climate change and our collective and individual response to it.