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Others' events - this page offers selective coverage of upcoming or past events relevant to our work put on by organisations other than CPA.

Imagination and Inguiry
Seminar Series 2017/ 2018

Wednesday 25 October 2017, 3.00 to 5.30 pm UCLan – Brook Building BB019

Organised by Psychosocial Research Unit from the School of Social Work, Care and Community The I&I seminars form part of the APS seminar and conference network


Caroline Hickman, University of Bath

There is a pressing need for further Psychosocial research into public perception, feelings and attitudes to climate change, but most research in this area to date has been conducted with adult participants, not with children, and this is an important gap in the existing research. ‘Children are largely left out of discussions about appropriate responses to climate change, but they ought to be central to these debates because they, as well as future generations – have a much larger stake in the outcome than we do’ Currie & Deschenes p4 (2016).

This seminar will present research showing how the Free Association Narrative Interview method developed by Holloway & Jefferson (2013) is being used to explore children’s feelings and attitudes about climate change. Influenced by Romanyshyn (2013) we will also examine how using this methodology can help us ‘play’ with the imaginal landscape of the work and engage children in research about climate change using personification and metaphor.

We should ‘make a place for the soul of the work to speak beyond the calculus of a researcher’s subjective prejudices’ Romanyshyn p44 (2013).

Caroline Hickman is currently working at the University of Bath and as a consultant therapeutic social worker working with children and young people following trauma. She qualified as an Integrative Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist with Revision and studied archetypal & cultural psychology with Thiasos. She is a part time PhD student at the University of Bath currently researching children’s relationships with nature and climate change and use of therapy dogs working with people with Alzheimer’s’.

Seminar is free. Refreshments provided. Please book a place via Eventbrite: