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The aim of this web site is to help unleash the potential of the Climate Psychology Alliance as an organisation in all aspects of what we do, offering a unique psychological perspective to enhance the climate change message. 

Our key objectives website

We want our members and external visitors, to:-

  • learn about climate psychology and our perspectives on climate psychology
  • apply an understanding of climate psychology to your profession
  • find resources and ideas that might contribute to policy or enhance your practice
  • celebrate and encourage partnership working with like-minded organisations and practitioners
  • learn about contemporary thinking on human dimensions of climate change and climate psychology
  • find details of our events and discover networking opportunities or other ways to engage with others

The first version of our web site, launched in January 2013, followed soon after the establishment of CPA the previous year. A vision for what CPA could achieve through the medium of a web site was offered at the time by founding member Adrian Tait, who proposed that "those of us involved in climate psychology should work together to develop a conceptual platform, so that we can communicate with each other and with a wider public from a shared basis of understanding."

Discussing the role of media in sustaining the development of the "coherent culture" which he saw CPA had been forming in its early stages, Adrian perceived the web site as serving both an external audience, by promoting CPA's work, and an internal audience, by helping grow and develop solidarity within the organisation: "we need to look in two directions at once: at the media 'out there', the organs of mass communication, and at the organ we ourselves are seeking to create, through conversations, alliances, events and website."

Version 2 of our web site, launched in January 2016, features a complete makeover of the site's design, adopting a clean, fresh approach to the same long-term vision. Structure and presentation has been simplified in accordance with the organisational coherence and clarity that has increased further since our early years. At the same time we have adopted new branding and stronger visuals and (we hope) general appeal. There is new material and some of the best of the old.

We have also moved to a more sophisticated, flexible, technology platform, as part of an ambitious e-strategy, in that the site you are viewing now represents one phase of what might be several evolutionary phases of growth. Future developments that we hope to initiate include social media integration, e-payments with online subscriptions and event management, and a members section to promote enhanced online engagement and participation.

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